month in review...

Swiped from Janet:

1) Candle scents this month: Autumn Wreath by Yankee Candles

2) What I read this month: the first Harry Potter book, A Discovery of Witches, Big Machine, Miranda's Big Mistake, The Weird Sisters, To Fetch A Thief, Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt, Minding Frankie and House Rules

3) Top three songs I was drawn to: Bruno Mars: The Lazy Song, The Foo Fighters: Learning To Walk, and David Bowie: Let's Dance

4) Movies I saw: Happy Accidents, CrazyLove, Law Abiding Citizen

5) Favorite tv moments of the month: I'm getting into True Blood and the BBC's Sherlock

6) Something yummy I made: I haven't made anything

7) Restaurants where I ate: TBones, Sal's Italian, Flavors, the Publick House

8.) Five things I am loving this month: my pedicure, my car, my GPS, my iPad, and my family

9) A goal I had for this month: keeping a lid on my finances

10) This month I looked forward to: going on my trip to Pennsylvania and Virginia

11) Something I want to remember about this month: my road trip to Pennsylvania and Virginia

12) A photo I took this month: the empty trunk, I should have taken a picture of the full trunk, too!

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Unknown said...

I like this meme, and am glad you had such a great trip!

Thanks to you, I read a couple of good books this month, so I swiped this for myself.