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We came home because we were failures. We wouldn’t admit that, of course, not at first, not to ourselves, and certainly not to anyone else. We said we came home because our mother was ill, because we needed a break, a momentary pause before setting off for the Next Big Thing. But the truth was, we had failed, and rather than let anyone else know, we crafted careful excuses and alibis, and wrapped them around ourselves like a cloak to keep out the cold truth. The first stage: denial.

When I read this first paragraph I knew I was in for it. This is a book about the intricacies of the sister dance. I couldn't put it down. There were paragraphs and sentences I had to re-read just for the deliciousness of the wording.

What I liked about it was the narrator's perspective--one of the sisters yet all of the sisters. That omnipresent being who was part of the weird sisters yet apart. Another thing I liked was the use of Shakespeare throughout--the characters speak in verse and couplets easily. Named for Shakespeare's leading ladies: Rosalind, Bianca, and Cordelia, they come together with their own private dramas.

I can't come up with anything I didn't like. This was a great summer read.

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So funny... I just put that on my TBR list.