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This book was recommended to me by a "What Book Should You Read?" test. It was funky and outrageous. It was kind of weird and as I'm not a fan of fantasy fiction, I almost pitched it. But there was something compelling about the writing that kept me reading. I kept wondering how it all fit together, how the flashbacks worked together. And, ya know, it just kept me reading. I don't know that I would recommend it but it was an interesting read. I could see it as a movie, it would be fun and original.

Not every book I read this summer has to be one I love. Right?

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jon said...

I am currently multitasking in the reading department. I am reading "Diary of a wimpy kid." I thought it was about me when I was younger. I can totally relate to it.

I am reading "Shibumi" by Trevanian in preparation to reading "Satori" by Don Winslow.
"Satori" is written by Winslow based on a character written by Trevanian.
Trevanian is really Rodney W. Whitaker. He died in 2005.
He is as interesting as some of his characters.

I am also reading "Legal Briefs"
I thought it was about girls in thongs. It turns out to be a bunch of short stories about lawyers.

I am sneaking in a few pages of "Mental Floss Magazine". I just received 41 of them in the mail.

I have to sneak in Time,Consumer's Report, AARP, and reader's digest in there some where.

I have to be reading something all the time.
I will read a cereal box when put in front of me.

Honey nut Cheerios are good for ya. Did you know that?
It is heart healthy.