ten things tuesday

Ten things I'm looking forward to this summer vacation:

1) Sleeping in. What a luxury!

2) Running errands during the day. It feels like I'm doing something I should feel guilty about to be able to make appointments when they're convenient.

3) Reading, reading, reading!

4) Catching up with some movies. I'm not really current with my films.

5) Staying up late. I love being able to stay up late, especially reading. Sometimes I'll watch trashy tv or infomercials!

6) Making time to think. About everything, about nothing. To dream, to ponder.

7) Family time! Heading to Virginia and Pennsylvania with my parents and niece to visit my sisters and their families. It's going to be awesome.

8) Continue my de-cluttering project. The ultimate goal is to have my bestie over for a movie night.

9) Reorganize my classroom. Hopefully there won't be any major reconstruction projects so I can go in and rearrange and reorganize my room. It's time to go through my files.

10) Rejuvenate.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

#6 and #10 are sooo connected, aren't they? I really envy your list.