The Gal Herself has awarded this blog Irresistibly Sweet. How cool is that! Originally the directions tell us: "Now, as I understand it, for this award one is to list seven pieces of information not commonly known about themselves, and fifteen recommendations." But The Gal is a maverick and so I will also be, listing fifteen pieces of information and tagging some.

1) I surrendered in the battle with for wireless internet service and ordered a new modem/router combo thingy. I even called in my computer tech guy, George, and he couldn't figure out what the dealeo was. And if he can't figure it out, no one can. I surrender.

2) Nutella now comes in a family size jar. Why do I feel guilty buying it? I'm my own family. sure.

3) I believe I have had a drink of the Netflix koolaid. I may be a convert. I'll really know when I get my wireless internet hooked up and can stream on my iPad.

4) I am getting the Spa Pedicure today. I thought I would treat myself and go all out.

5) This is the first summer in years that I haven't had some kind of grand plan. Other than the family road trip I'm going on with my parents & niece to see my sisters, I have nothing. That's not a bad thing.

6) I'm sort of dreading Virginia in July. And Pennsylvania. Too darn hot.

7) I wish Dunkin' Donuts delivered. I would love some iced coffee right now but I'm still in my pajamas. Complete with bedhead. I can't go out in public like this. There are laws against it.

8) Gerard Butler is hawt.

9) Since I'm without Wi-Fi, I can't update Myles and therefore can't read any of the new books I bought in the last two weeks. But I'll update today at Dad's.

10) We're celebrating Father's Day today. I ordered a party sub from Subway to feed the crowd. My style of cookin'.

11) I don't actually have a gift for Dad. I am puzzled what to get him. *sigh*

12) I didn't sleep in this morning. I've been up since 7. Awake since 6.

13) I've rediscovered the joys of Mahjong.

14) I have two boxes of stale cereal I should get rid of.

15) It's still raining. I want it to stop.

And now the tags:
Erika at Endomental
Mrs. Chili at the Blue Door
Diana at Diana's Little Corner in the Nutmeg State

and more will be added later, ok?


Diana_CT said...

When my father began getting up in age, it was harder to get him something. He had all the tools he could ever want and it wasn't safe for him to use power tools any more. He didn't need more ties.

Now, I just give him flowers and visit his grave for Father's day.

Charlene said...

What is this "family size" Nutella of which you speak? SMILE

Mrs. Chili said...

I actually, literally hooted in the aisle when I found the big jar of Nutella. Seriously.

FIFTEEN THINGS?! I'm not sure there are FIVE things I haven't told you all already! YIKES! I'll try, though; it will likely be my Monday Meme (but I might be a maverick, too, and change the rules if I can't come up with 15 things you don't already know about me.)