long day...

It's Senior Week and time to say goodbye and good luck to my homeroom kids. Four years of sharing the adventure. We've had lots of good times, lots of laughs and many hugs this week. Tonight was the Senior Banquet. We watched the video with many childhood pictures and memories, it was really well done. And the meal was good.

I've received a couple of gifts from the graduates--one made me a set of CDs for my random road trips. One gave me a Willow Tree figurine. And several have given me framed photos.


Cat. said...

Four years with the same homeroom? You're a saint--though these kids sound like a pretty cool group. Mix CDs?? Niiiice.

Congrats for surviving another year.

The Gal Herself said...

It must be nice to know that you'll have a place in their memories forever.