Exam week is almost done. I'll be glad that next year everyone has to take the exams instead of having artificial means of exemption. It's a philosophical difference of opinion: I fall on the side of academics. I think it's good practice for students to study and go through the process of taking exams. Teaching them the skills to read and answer questions is important, as are study skills. How do we reinforce critical skills, in a traditional classroom setting?

The real philosophical difference comes from the idea that they all should take exams or none of them should. Again, the artificial measurements in place to exempt students creates an atmosphere of exams being punitive instead of an opportunity to show growth. I had to coach all my kiddos that the exams wouldn't hurt their grades, that the skills they get will be worth it in the end. But they really looked at it as punishment.

There are no easy solutions, that's for sure.


Jane without an E said...

I am definitely torn when it comes to testing. I am not in favor of a one-size fits all approach to anything in schools. And, I agree, there are no easy solutions.

The Gal Herself said...

Now that I am trying to learn Spanish, at this late stage in my life, I realize that I wish someone *would* give me an exam. That conventional classroom exercise of writing out my lessons and taking an exam really did help me learn and I miss it now. Of course, I resisted it when I was in high school.