ten things tuesday...

Ten things that money can't buy.

1) Health. You can buy insurance and care but if you don't have your health you have nothing.
2) Wisdom. You can buy an education but you can't buy the school of hard knocks.
3) Sleep. You can't have anyone sleep for you.
4) A sense of humor. This needs no explanation.
5) Compassion. You can't buy feelings of empathy and sympathy. They are cultivated by being a human. Treating others as you would like to be treated.
6) Friendship. I'm going to say you can't buy real, true friendship. If it's not based on mutual respect is it a real friendship?
7) Faith. Not necessarily religion, but faith. Believing.
8) Time. You get what you get and it's to be used wisely. You can waste it but you will never get it back.
10) Wonder & awe. Being constantly amazed by the little things (and the big things) and finding joy in simplicity.

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Reena said...

Really enjoyed these 10 things. Aren't they so true and make life wonderful!