idol chatter...

So, the inspirational songs left me kind of flat. I felt bad for Haley, the judges really ripped her apart. And I still don't like James. Tonight I really liked Haley and Lauren.

I think Lady Gaga, for all her weirdness, was the best mentor they've ever had. She had fantastic advice for all of them--in how to move their bodies to how to make the song more dramatic and powerful. Very good advice.


jon said...

Yo,......Lady Gaga was too weird as a teen to be on American Idol.
I am sure glad she got herself straightened out.

The Gal Herself said...

I think that, even though I don't like either of them, Lady Gaga brought out the best in James. I thought his last number was highly watchable.

I felt bad for Scotty because he was seemed to get lost last night, and I like him.