saturday 9

Sweet Soul Music

1. Do you listen to music at work, and if so, do you use a mp3 player, play it through your office computer, or do you listen to it collectively via a separate radio you keep nearby? when I do play music, which isn't terribly often, I use my computer and mostly play Pandora Radio

2. Tell us something about people that you absolutely hate. it really bugs me when people are talking on their cell phones, forgetting that the private conversation is not so private

3. What is something someone has done that you'd like the world to know about? George Clooney does some important humanitarian work in the Sudan

4. Where is your favorite place to sit when at home? in my comfy chair

5. How did you come up with the title of your blog? it's a line from a movie that stuck with me

6. Tell us about the one who got away. He was easy to be with, fun to talk to, considerate, comfortable with himself, comfortable with who I am, and funny as all get out. I've always wished him well, even though I was terribly jealous when he got married.

7. Have you ever had a big birthday party? my 40th birthday was a week-long celebration! Every day that week my friends had a theme party (princess, polka dot, etc) with a feast and cake. Plus, I celebrated myself for forty days. It was the BEST!

8. What was the biggest bash you've ever attended? it was the street carnival for Spain's equivalent of Mardi Gras, I've never been in a crowd that big that was celebrating so fiercly

9. With my kids and an always changing life, I find myself sometimes unable to focus! Do you have that problem, too? I am sensitive to sound and sometimes the kids in class make so much noise I shut down, they are oblivious to how much noise they make


I am Harriet said...

George Clooney has done a lot of great things.

Have a great day!

Caz said...

I can't believe the conversations I hear on cell phones, either. And the places people choose to have those conversations (bathroom stalls??)

George Clooney, well, yeah, just by existing he does good.

The Gal Herself said...

Isn't Pandora terrific! And I'm glad you were jealous when the one that got away got hitched. It means you're human (and not superhuman).