monday movie meme

Play along with the Bumbles.

This week's movie topic is movies that feature flowers.

Immediately I thought of Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors. The 1986 film.

Then I thought of a delightful British comedy called Saving Grace. Grace is a sudden widow who is known for being prim and proper. She has a gift for horticulture and saddled with massive debts by her husband, she resorts to growing potent marijuana.


Unknown said...

Little Shop of Horrors is a great choice!

Saving Grace is on my list, too. It's a greta movie!

Sassy B. said...

Fun choices this week. :)

The Bumbles said...

I had hoped Audrey 2 would make an appearance this week!

Amanda said...

I watched Saving Grace at the cinema when I was 7+ months pregnant. I'm lucky I didn't give birth on the spot from all that laughter.