idol chatter...

So... ok... Scotty played it safe this week. His song was cutesy but didn't really showcase him very well. James, the drums were awesome but the screaming? Really? I didn't care for this rendition of Muse. Haley is amazing. She got the depth of the Adele song. Jacob has an amazing voice but I get tired of the style of song he sings. Casey is my favorite! He killed the Maroon 5 song! He's so unusual. He's so cool! And he's a ginger. I think Stefano is out-sung tonight. He's a sweetie but he's not as good a vocalist as the others. Lauren is such a cutie. She does well with country. She's not the winner, though, she's too young and unseasoned.

I hope they don't have dorky guests tomorrow.

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jon said...

I thought Haley and James were very good. Scotty was good but someone should tie his hands behind his back. Jacob has a great voice, I just don't like it. Stefano should become a lounge singer. Casey I am still trying to figure out what he is and what he does. Lauren is good but I am surprised she is still there.

My ranking: Haley amd James will make it big mainstream music.
Scotty and Lauren will make it big Country.
Casey?...He will make it...somewhere.
Jacob will be singing hymns.
Stefano a lounge singer.