idol chatter

I was sick this week and wasn't able to stay awake for Idol this week. Even though I know the results, I am watching the performance show. Casey really, really blew me away. Jacob was amazing, too. Jacob kind of reminds me of Jenifer Hudson--being able to sing one type of song really well. Like J-Hud, Jacob can really sing those power songs.

Am I the only person not in love with Scotty? Or James. I don't dig him, either.

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jon said...

Scotty?....He is a country singer who will do really well.
She should have sock puppets instead of a microphone. He makes funny faces but....all in all he is pretty good for what he does, He shouldn't win AI. I am leaning towards the two girls that are left or Casey.
James and Jacob's talents are too specific. Stefano...????...What is he still doing there?
Paul mcDonald was voted off but the sax player can stay.
I miss Pia. she was the best.