whistle a happy tune...

Swiped from Cat...

So, what did you do today? it was a typical Friday at school, although we had an assembly of Indian-jazz music and the kids talked through the whole performance

What was the last movie you watched? Family Man with Nicholas Cage

What's your favorite type of donut? I like the plain chocolate glazed, although a Boston Creme is yummy

What was the last non-alcoholic beverage you consumed? I am drinking a glass of Polar diet orange dry

What color are your headphones? yanno, I don't have headphones

Who is your last text from? I don't know

How do you make money? I teach high school social studies

What color did you last paint your nails? OPI Valentine

What color is your wallet? green leather

Do you currently have feelings for anybody? yes, I have a lot of feelings for many people

Do you know any "cougars"? not personally

What's your favorite t.v show? right now it's Harry's Law, because I'm watching it from my dvr'd stuff

Have you ever been to a concert? yup

Who was the last person you were in a car with? my bestie

Are you in love? With who? I'm in love with life

What's your job title? social studies teacher

Do you shave your armpits? not as often as I should, but it's winter...

Do you think that piercings are trashy? not usually

Is the light on in the room you're in? yes

Favorite fruit: pomegranate

Where is the person you dislike the most? in a hell of his own creation

How about the person you have feelings for? they are all over the place

Do you prefer glass or plastic cups? it's not important

Is your house big or small? my apartment is cozy

Can you whistle? very well

Do you wear bows in your hair? no

Has anybody ever been obsessed with you? unfortunately, yes

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The Gal Herself said...

I can just imagine what your wallet looks like: it's a nice, cool, natural green, like Woodbine, isn't it? You have talked about your neutral pallet so often that I know it's not a bright, neon green.