ten things tuesday...

Ten things I need to do:

1) I am getting a keyboard for my iPad. I downloaded a journal app and it's tough to type on the iPad.

2) I need to take a box of "stuff" to the Salvation Army store.

3) It's time to clean out the pantry and restock those shelves. It's got far too much expired stuff.

4) Should organize the dvds in the living room, too--some are mine, some need to be returned.

5) I need to get myself to the laundromat.

6) Now I need a new dentist.

7) I've gotta get reading the book group book. Oy, I'm behind.

8) I need to get into Farmville to tend my animals and trees but it's not loading.

9) I need to go to bed early tonight and catch up on some sleep. I haven't slept well the past couple of nights.

10) I need to spend some extra time at school to get caught up on some grading. blah.

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