fourteen inches...

So, we did get at least fourteen inches of snow. And, amazingly enough, the crews worked overnight to clear the streets and the major highway. I don't remember a storm like this--rain to snow to rain to snow. My car was iced over and the door didn't want to open. To say nothing of the window. I actually had to get out of the car to get my coffee this morning. Some of my colleagues live a bit farther north and they got two feet of snow, so I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm not complaining at all, I'm amazed at how well the snow was handled.

I will be glad when spring comes.

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jon said...

My sister lives in Upstate New York. They got about 30 inches of snow on top of what they all ready had.
This morning the temp was below zero at her home.

I am glad I am here.