whoa whoa whoa feelings...

Since I've articulated (to myself and to my therapist) that I'm feeling depressed, it feels like it's lifting a bit. I still want to curl up in a ball and sleep all the time, but part of that is the weather--this cold snap makes everyone want to hibernate. I know what I need to do to hang in there: force myself to socialize, keep reading, give myself permission to be in a funk, and use my Ott Light. And I need to breathe.


The Gal Herself said...

"So you're in a mood. It'll pass."

Do I sound flip? I truly don't mean to. I'm just sharing my self-talk when I find myself where you are.

There's a phrase we use a lot these days in marketing -- "the new normal." Post Oct 2008, when the economy crashed, everyone's attitude toward money and consumerism changed, and it's not changing back anytime soon. So this is "the new normal."

I think those of us in therapy, those of us who have struggled with real depression in the past, have to learn a "new normal," too. I suspect everyone gets into moods once in a while, but we're harder on ourselves than they are. We're afraid of slipping back to the dark place we were once were, to revisiting those bad old days. And then by judging ourselves and worrying about ourselves we make it worse.

So embrace your "new normal." Remember, the key word there is "normal." This happens to everybody and it will pass. Breathe! Socialize! Read! And be as good to yourself as you would be to me and anyone else you know who struggles with this.

It'll pass. It will.

PS If you can't see Maggie soon, visit another dog. I find fur helps cure depression. Really!

Princess LadyBug said...

Sending you lots of sunshine thoughts & love! You'll turn that funk around in not time. I have faith in you. Now go grab a good book & sit under the OTT light. Pretend you're getting a tan in the middle of summer on a gorgeous beach somewhere. Oh & if you want to also pretend that a gorgeous cabana boy will be coming around the corner with a fresh drink at any moment, feel free. :P

Diana_CT said...

Yeah, I down in the dumps also. Not only is it the cold, but also all the snow we have had. Two or three storms a week is depressing, everything is getting canceled. Because my internship is school related when the Hartford schools close we are closed, this week we were closed Tuesday, Wednesday and half day Thursday. And it is suppose to snow tomorrow again.