ten things tuesday...

Ten things I can do to be a better person. Culled from many sources.

1) Pay attention. Lately I haven't been giving my full attention to some of my students and I notice a difference. Stopping the chatter in my head, focusing on the other person and really looking at them are what I'm talking about.

2) Say "Please" and "Thank you" more often. Common courtesy is something I can easily model for my students. In my private life I'm all about the P & TY, so why don't I do this at school, too?

3) Eliminate negative destructive criticism. Especially when I could take action to make things better. Although a good bitch & moan is cathartic.

4) Don't take everything personally. It's important to put things in perspective--some of what is going on around me has nothing to do with me.

5) Say what you mean to say. Let people know what they need to know--whether it's letting people know how I feel for them or choosing the right words.

6) Don't argue. Take a breath and in that moment try to look at the other point of view.

7) You can't change people. Nobody can change another person. Sometimes it's hard for me to accept people for who they are and not who I want them to be.

8) Live with integrity. Be consistent in actions, values, and principles.

9) Remember "The Golden Rule." I have to ask myself: "How would I like to be treated in this situation"?

10) Raise the self esteem of others. It's nice to make people feel important. By raising the self-esteem of others, your own self-esteem will rise.


The Gal Herself said...

#2 really is important, isn't it? Common courtesy can make such a difference -- like someone holding a door for you.

And something tells me you're already all over #8.

jon said...

Those are great rules to live by. I need more of #1. I lose my focus sometimes. If that is not working some of the other things won't work so well.