black swan

Natalie Portman definitely lost herself in this role. She was very, very good. My friend and I thought Barbara Hershey looked terrible, although partly because of her character. It was interesting and gave us lots to talk about. I don't know that I liked it but I appreciated it. Maybe I would have liked it more if the older ladies in the back of the theater hadn't talked through the ENTIRE thing.

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The Gal Herself said...

I agree with everything you wrote (except about the older ladies at your theater). I thought that, in its construction, it reminded me of Hitchcock's Psycho because it's obvious early on that the only character we have to identify with is clearly a nut. I think that's a daring storytelling device and I really appreciated it. And, like Psycho, the soundtrack is almost another character. BUT Aronofsky (sp?) is all style and no humor, so unlike Psycho, I don't think I'll watch this one again.