for the new year...

Borrowed, lovingly from Jane without an E because it's so fantastic, as is she:

* I release you, negativity. I embrace you, positivity.
* I release you, distractions. I embrace you, focus.
* I release you, procrastination. I embrace you, perseverance.
* I release you, pettiness. I embrace you, importance.
* I release you, imperfections. I embrace you, strength.
* I release you, expectations. I embrace you, choice.
* I release you, obstacles. I embrace you, pathways.
* I release you, conformity. I embrace you, change.
* I release you, past. I embrace you, future.

2011 will be filled with no regrets, just lessons learned.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I wrote that! ;-)

Thank you. I am flattered.