yuletide carols being sung by the choir...

Today's question: What is your favorite new holiday tradition? I don't know how new "new" is, but what I look forward to every year is the sing-along at my dad's. All the local family gathers together for nibbles and noshes and then the lyric sheets are handed out, the bells are brought out and the singing begins. We started this family gathering after my grandmother passed away in 2001. Usually we gathered at her house on Christmas Eve for a family party and with her death we desperately needed a way to celebrate and remember her without it being too sad. So having a tradition that's only 9 years old is new for us, seeing how the other tradition was thirty-something years old. This year my nephew, who's home from college, actually joined right in the singing without the customary cajoling. I think he has a new appreciation for the family gatherings.

And my heart is full.

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Julie said...

Aw that is a sweet new tradition. What a precious way to remember your grandmother. :)