ten things tuesday...

Ten potential resolutions:

1) Adopt healthier eating habits. Including eating three meals a day, and more fruit and veggies.

2) Exercise. Anything is better than nothing, right? I know I feel better when I move more but, oh, how I hate to exercise.

3) Conquer clutter. This is an on-going battle for me. It isn't really just clutter, it's hoarding. I go through fits and starts where I want to just get rid of everything... but I can't. I've never made it a goal for the year.

4) Pay more attention to the news. It's shameful that I teach history but don't really pay attention to current events. Mostly it's because I can't tolerate the evening news. I could more regularly read online news sources, though.

5) Connect more. I need to maintain my bonds with family and friends. Reaching out to them more so they know how important they are to me. Enjoying relationships is a definite priority.

6) Keep control of my debt. I need to watch out that I don't get over my head in debt. I've been fairly consistent with that the past few years.

7) Manage stress. I've got to devote myself to relaxation. Maybe if I go back to spending thirty minutes every day on myself then I can slip back into some of my relaxation habits.

8) Take another trip. I need to plan early and save up for it. I don't know where, I mean, I would love to visit my sisters again. Maybe I could squeeze in the Civil War Battlefields since I drive right by them. I need to go someplace.

9) Reconnect with the community. I used to be involved in a civic organization that put me out of my comfort zone a bit more often. Volunteering is good for the soul.

10) Read more non-fiction. I have a stack of books but don't pick them up. Good stuff. Just sitting there. Shame on me. Although I have read all the books I assigned the A.P. kiddos.


The Gal Herself said...

You stole my list! OK, I admit I'm a stone news junkie and I already read non-fiction, but you have me on the others.

Let's wish one another luck for a resolutely successful 2011!

Mrs. Chili said...

I really, REALLY need to quit making excuses for not exercising....

Unknown said...

I may have to swipe this list. Other than reading non-fiction (I already do), it's perfect for me.

Success for all your goals in 2011!