christmas meme 5

If you were a Christmas Angel and were being given a power to make three wishes of three persons come true (one wish for each person):

1. Who would be those lucky persons and what were their wishes? my three sisters--I'm sure they all had to do with maintaining stability in their lives
2. How would you make their wish come true? I would ask Santa, of course!
3. You’re just an Angel and not God, so you could fail. And if you failed, what would you do? I'd remind them that they didn't lose anything and that I tried my best

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MammaKerr said...

I already try to make the Christmas Wishes of my twin daughters come true. Thankfully, they don't ask for much on their Christmas list - a few games for their DSi & Wii, plus a few surprises. They are generally contented wee things! :)

Hubby is contented too! He doesn't wish for much, other than the health and happiness of his family!