10 ways to make the naughty list...

10. Not wiping your feet before coming inside when it's snowy out
9. Not bundling up like your mother tells you to when it's cold outside
8. Not sharing your toys with your brothers and sisters
7. Knocking down other people's snowmen
6. Making a mess and then blaming it on the dog, cat or your imaginary friend
5. Telling your brothers and sisters what they are getting for Christmas from Mom and Dad
4. Knocking over the Christmas Tree while wrestling with your brothers or sisters
3. Forgetting to put out carrots for the reindeer with Santa's cookie's and milk. They need to eat too!
2. Being bad all year and then trying to "nice up" just before Christmas. Remember- Santa watches you ALL year!
1. Waking up early on Christmas morning to remove presents from everyone's stockings and replacing them with coal.

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