ten things tuesday...

Ten things I need to do:

1) Get my holiday shopping done.

2) Grade some student work. I didn't do it over vacation and now it's looming over me.

3) Start working on my holiday cards. I should get those sent out this weekend.

4) Decide if I'm going to decorate. Big tree or little tree?

5) Laundry.

6) Re-read my favorite holiday stories. Starting with A Christmas Carol.

7) Dig out my collection of favorite movies--I need to watch The Holiday, Love Actually, Christmas Vacation and the Peanuts Gang.

8) Figure out what to get myself. I can't decide what I want for Christmas.

9) Make some mixed cds for my sisters.

10) And.... there are twenty-thousand other stupid things I have to do...

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The Gal Herself said...

I got my cards out! And most of my shopping is done! I just hate the idea of decorating the clutter that is my den. Maybe this weekend ....