ten things tuesday...

Ten things about why I play Farmville:

1) My youngest niece wanted her own farm to play so I opened a Facebook account so she could play. Then I got hooked.

2) My sisters play it, so it's a way we stay bonded--sending each other gifts and farm goodies.

3) It's relaxing.

4) The theme song is catchy. When I'm doing something mindless, I often catch myself humming the tune.

5) I get to operate heavy machinery with my fingers.

6) I can decorate for the holidays without adding to the clutter of my own home.

7) My dogs (I have two) are very well-trained!

8) How else could I earn over $6,000,000. dollars?

9) Cows, chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, reindeer, geese, turkeys, and many more--no fuss, no muss!

10) I don't have to feel guilty if I let something wither.

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Charlene said...

Why I don't play Farmville:

I grew up on a farm and got to experience all the gardening, cow feeding, watering, currying, shooting and butchering I could stand. Those memories of weeding a garden in he August heat were particularly memorable! :o)