ten things tuesday...

Ten things about today:

1) Since it is Harvest Break, I'm on vacation from school. For the uninitiated, Harvest Break is the annual letting out of school so students can help local farmers with the potato harvest. Back in the day, lots of kids actually worked with the farmers picking potatoes or working on harvesters. Now, kids just work their regular jobs or do nothing for the two or three week break. I wish we didn't have it anymore, I'd rather have the weeks subtracted from the end of the school year. But, it's tradition. And some traditions die hard. This year my school is taking just two weeks instead of three...

2) I went to Central Maine for some shopping. About 300 miles, round trip. A delightful day for a drive. And I sang along to the Glee cds for the entire trip. Loudly and probably not too well but with gusto!

3) When I got home, there was a package waiting for me from one of the stores I shopped at and inside was a shirt I ordered from the website that I forgot I ordered and just bought at the store. Now I have two. Nah, I'll send it back. How funny.

4) I thought it was kind of hazy until I realized my glasses were smeary. Of course, I did the whole trip thinking it was hazy.

5) I didn't see any wildlife. Not even any road kill.

6) I didn't see any law enforcement.

7) It really annoys me when people don't go a consistent speed on the highway. After I passed one car it stayed on my tail for several miles, then dropped back out of sight, then eventually passed me. Oy.

8) I'm not a snacker when I travel. I have friends who use a road trip as an excuse to stop at the Mennonite bakery but I never do. I don't take snacks, either. Today I wanted an apple. And I drank iced coffee. Thank you, Dunkin' Donuts!

9) There were four other people seated by themselves at Miguel's at lunch time. Miguel's is my favorite little Mexican place. It was weird to see so many people flying solo.

10) I appreciated the views, hazy as they were, on the trip down and back. It was glorious to see all the fall colors and Mt. Katahdin was spectacular.


Mrs. Chili said...

#7 drives me BONKERS! I'll set my cruise control and then play leapfrog for MILES with the SAME DAMNED CARS! What's the MATTER with people?!?

Charlene said...

I'm glad you had beautiful colorful fall color. Here in Kentucky we have brown.

kontan said...

I'm jealous. I could so use a harvest break right now. While we prepare to move life grows increasingly insane.