saturday 9


1. Many of my friends have commented they cannot discuss politics with co-workers, family, friends and others without conflict rearing its ugly head. Do you feel you can talk with your family and friends about this particularly divisive election? Most of the time.

2. Do you know who you're voting for in next week's election? How did you decide? I listened to some candidate debates and did a lot of reading

3. What do you think is the most important issue in next Tuesday's election? the race for Governor of Maine

4. Can you go a day without laughing? oh, no, not possible

5. Do you think that you can chose who you want to love? no

6. Have you ever been on stage? For what? I was involved in theater for two-thirds of my life, so I've been on stage in a variety of capacities for that... and I've been in some speaking competitions that required us to speak from a stage

7. Would you ever live in a different country? If yes, where? I could easily live in Canada or Ireland

8. Any plans for Halloween? nothing yet

9. The last costume that you wore, what was it and why did you choose it? it was a complete nun's habit with wimple--and I wore it for a lark but it was rockin' and I loved the long rosary/belt


Marites said...

#6 you must be really talented and smart:) #9 sounds really cool costume!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Maine has a governor? Who knew? :)

Diana_CT said...

I thought about wearing a nun's habit, but I thought I might stoned. :-)

The Gal Herself said...

I didn't know you felt an affinity for Canada!