ten things tuesday...

Borrowing this idea from Mrs. Chili because I've got no idea where to start with my own 10 things.

Ten scents that I love:

1) Puppies and babies.

2) Clean laundry. Especially fresh sheets.

3) Freshly ground coffee.

4) Baking cookies, cake, brownies, whoopie pies... almost any sweets.

5) Baking bread. Not to be confused with sweets.

6) Humidity-busting thunder storms or rain showers. It's different when it's humid but I don't know why.

7) Autumn mornings--when it's crisp and dry and you just know the sun is going to warm things up.

8) Peonies, lilacs, roses... and other smelly flowers.

9) Christmas smells--candles, cinnamon, wreaths. And cookies. Yeah, I know I'm listing cookies again.

10) Movie popcorn. When it fills up the theater. Even though I don't often buy it, I love the smell of it.


The Gal Herself said...

When I think of those holiday smells, I wish it was Christmas all year around!

Unknown said...

I'm right there with you on this list... except for puppies. I love puppies, but not so much the smell of them.