sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: The Sunday Stealing Player's Meme

1. :::sniff, sniff::: Is the dog in the house? not this house

2. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received? Never pass up an opportunity to go to the bathroom

3. What's the worst experience you've ever had involving alcohol? mixing too many different kinds, I was ill

4. What's the worst thing you've ever done to another person? just pranks, nothing seriously bad

5. Who do you think started the concept of memes? someone who was curious

6. Give a song title or line that describes how you are feeling right now. "Got no deeds to do /No promises to keep /I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep /Let the morningtime drop all its petals on me.../ Life, I love you,/ All is groovy"

7. What's your favorite search engine? Yahoo!, Google, Ask, Bing? or something else? Google

8. If Paul is the Cute One and John is the Smart One and George is the Quiet One and Ringo is the Funny One, which Beatle are you? the fat one

9. The democratic government decides that, not only do we have to share our money with people who choose not to work, we also have to share our children with those who do not want to ruin their bodies with being pregnant. Which child do you give up? I don't understand this question... and I don't want to

10. When should you procrastinate - now or later? now

11. What is your favorite fast food? Subway

12. What was your favourite game as a child? Payday

13. Why terrible twos have to be terrible it's hard to be two

14. Describe your favorite family member. they're all my favorite

15. What does your favorite breakfast consist of? oh, it varies

16. What food is better the day after it was made? lasagna... pizza

17. What was your last big purchase?
I don't really make big purchases... I guess it would have been my Flip

18. When was the last time you kissed someone and really enjoyed it? a while ago

19. Why are there memes? because we're curious

20. Described yourself using two words that rhyme. (i.e. fuddy-duddy) too cool

21. If you were given the option of a "do-over" in life .. would you take it? oh, I suppose but it would be for something minor

22. What movie makes (or has made) you cry? What touched you about it? Four Weddings and a Funeral because it's so funny it makes me laugh and so sad it makes me cry

23. What is one big mistake that you did in your life? And what did you do to make it right? I don't think I've made any big mistakes

24. When Life Gives You Lemons, What Do You Do With Them? make lemonade with lots of sugar

25. How different are you in real life as compared to the online identity you have created for yourself? not significantly

26. Do you know what your parents would have named you if you had been born the opposite sex? yes, they would have named me Christopher


I am Harriet said...

So true about the bathroom.

Have a great rest of your weekend.
Monday Mayhem is back!

The Gal Herself said...

"To recap it, in the words of David Cassidy while he was still with The Partride Family, I think I love you." Yes, I've seen Four Weddings and a Funeral more than once.

Does #20 mean that Teach is "too cool for school?"

Debster said...

I think the advice you received is the best advice I've ever received. And I love that song, "Feeling Groovy"

Happy Sunday!

Me. Myself said...

The bathroom thing...duh! I told Sparky that all the time when we went on vacation.

We (partially) matched on 16, too, which is awesome! :-)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I agree, Allison. Lots of sugar is the key to lemonade...