just another manic monday...

What's the main thing that builds your self-confidence and why? self-sufficiency, I'd have to say... because it proves to myself that I can do anything

What lessons in humility have you learned over the course of your life? ah... I was once called intimidating and it humbled me, I changed my ways--I'd rather be known as kind and compassionate than intimidating

How do you combat negative thoughts? sometimes I have to wallow in them for a bit. Then I get tough with the negativity and talk myself through the reality of what's going on.


Me. Myself said...

I quite like being considered intimidating...to grownups. Not so much with kids, though. ;-)

Diana_CT said...

It is so true, self-sufficiency is the key. I remember the time that I couldn't go into a grocery store, I knew that I had to be self-sufficient if I want to transition.