September 22, 2010
Delight In Life

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You could be in high spirits today, which may motivate you to seek out new activities. It might seem that your inner joys about being alive are in harmony with the wonders you see in the world around you, which could compel you to share these feelings with others. Today would be a good time to break loose from your normal routine and allow yourself to feel free and in the moment. You might find a fun venue such as an outdoor concert, festival, or group picnic to enjoy with your friends. Find a way to engage in something that fills you with the pleasure of togetherness and a feeling of shared marvel at the richness the world offers you. You may notice that you feel energized and inspired in all aspects of your life as a result.

Allowing ourselves to feel uninhibited and in the moment imbues our lives with a sense of joy and wonder. When we are in the now, we see that there is nothing that we lack. We enjoy the beauty of the present and feel at one with everything in the world. This sense of connectedness in turn fills us with the desire to share our feelings of delight with others. We learn to relish in the miracle that play brings into our lives, liberate our routines from the mundane, and infuse our days with activities that feed our spirits. By letting yourself take pleasure in everything that life has to offer in a social setting today, you will increase the quality of your life enormously.

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