I did what I said I would do: got up "early" and spent time working on AP stuff. I read the first chapter of the text. I'm going to create something to go with it next... I'm not sure what. It wasn't nearly as boring or difficult as I expected, which is good. Nothing is worse than having a text book that's too difficult for the average student.

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kontan said...

Is this your first year using Pageant? It is the most popular, and you can find all of the supplemental stuff online...so can your students. :(

My favorite is Brinkley's Unfinished Nation. I truly enjoy reading the text and found it a great desk reference when teaching. I sought review copies of anything anyone would send me and used them to offer perspective in class. Students were amazed that they weren't cookie cutter, and the author's really wrote from their own perspective. I miss AP :(