ten things tuesday...

Ten random things:

1) I'm so excited for Saturday's pedicure. My feet are killing me.

2) This year is starting out better than last year did. Funny how I can tell that already, but the students aren't as nasty or rude yet.

3) We've got a couple of new teachers at school joining in our book group this year. It's going to be a great year! We've got a lot of different genres.

4) My bestie and I are going to dinner tonight after we weigh in. I'm more excited about that than the weigh in.

5) Our new contract lets us leave fifteen minutes after the student day is done. I feel a little guilty leaving then, I am used to staying forty-five minutes after.

6) I'll be on doggy duty this week. Sort of inconvenient but... whatever.

7) The construction workers are very loud outside my classroom windows. I have to keep the windows shut and that makes the room soooooo stuffy.

8) Teaching without the text is... challenging. I wish it wasn't the first time I'm teaching the class so I would have a few tricks up my sleeve but I'm managing and we're getting started.

9) Jason Mraz is going to have a concert near here soon. I really, really, reallyrealy want to go.

10) Some of the kids were shell-shocked today when I told them we're starting a project on the second day of school. I'm hoping I've broken it into manageable parts so they won't panic. We shall see.

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