favorite band survey...

Stolen from Cat:

01. Who is your favorite band or artist? U2

02. When did you find out about them? 1982

03. Were they still making music when you discovered them? they were just starting out

04. Of all their records, which is your favorite and why? Achtung, Baby--it's got some of their best songs

05. Of all their songs, which is your favorite and why? One--it's on Achtung, Baby

06. Which is your least favorite of their albums and why? I almost think Boy is, because it's early stuff and seems like they're trying to find their sound

07. Which is your least favorite of their songs and why? I can't think of a song I haven't liked.

08. When and where do you like to listen to this band/artist? anytime, all the time

08. Have you seen them live? If so, where and when? Nope.

09. How many records by this band/artist do you have? all of them... plus some European exports

10. Do you collect rare recordings by this band/artist? If so, what is your favorite of these recordings? nothing too rare

11. When and how did this band/artist become your favorite and what do you think, will you like it forever? I'd have to say they will always be my favorite band... and I loved them since I heard War with "Two Hearts Beat As One"

12. Recite your favorite lyric of theirs. from 11 O'Clock Tick Tock - "We thought that we had the answers. It was the questions we had wrong."

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jon said...


When I was in school, teachers were respected. they had power...not much money. I always admired them. If we disrespected a teacher we were punished. We thought execution was a real possibility.
Things have changed.