ten things tuessday...

Ten things about this summer:

1) Sheryl Crow's Summer Day song is pure summer bliss.

2) B.o.B.'s Airplanes is another summer confection.

3) I also really like Train's Soul Sister, but it's being used everywhere.

4) Since I put in my air conditioner in the bedroom, I want one in the living room too.

5) I'm planning a little road trip getaway for later this week. Not sure where I'll go yet, but... sometimes it's nice to get away with no particular destination. I'm on a limited budget, though, so I've got to keep that in mind.

6) I keep waking up early. This week it's been on purpose, because I've actually had stuff to do, but I've been staying up late.

7) Really need to settle into some books and get reading. The TBR stack isn't shrinking.

8) I'm still so proud of myself for installing the air conditioner myself. And then yesterday, I set up the DVR on my own, too. I'm feeling so handy!

9) I really need to socialize more. I'm spending a lot of time by myself. Maybe my bestie and I can come up with plans.

10) I'm struggling with my Points. I'm not supposed to have Points left over at the end of the day but I do. Oh well...

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