rehab for tv?

The next few days this is going to be my theme song. I've got to get back to a normal sleep schedule. I've been staying up watching tv and reading and sleeping half the daylight hours away. It's gonna kick my ass to go back to school. And yet, it's a little after 10 and I'm watching Work of Art on Bravo. So, maybe I should set a goal of starting a regular schedule in August and keep staying up late for the end of July. There... that's a good solution.

Plus, I have got to get going on the AP curriculum so that I have the first few weeks planned out with the tests ready to go. Considering they'll take a test the first week of school.


kontan said...

I am SO glad to be back in the land of the employed, but in three weeks 5 AM is going to come VERY early. I need to start training myself now and get back in the mindset of early to bed, early to rise. It is peaceful in the morning without everyone up. The DVR is going to get a workout!

Diana_CT said...

I am going to be interning 20 hours a week this semester and it is going to be hard to get back into the grove. Classes start Sept. 7.