20 things about the 20th birthday of my goddaughter:

1) She is my eldest sister's eldest child.

2) She is named after my mother.

3) I have always called her Miss before her name.

4) When she was a toddler I baby sat her.

5) She is my only god child.

6) I feel a special bond with her.

7) She is very tall.

8) She is very thin. Almost too thin.

9) We are celebrating her birthday today even though it's really July 1st.

10) She has a lovely singing voice.

11) When she turned sixteen, she served as a Senate Page for the month of July and into August.

12) She speaks loudly.

13) She was crowned Queen of our city her senior year of high school. She was in several parades and had a lot of appearances to go to.

14) She made the Dean's List at college every semester.

15) Her fiance is a former student of mine, from the neighboring town. When they first got together I was more than skeptical but now that I've gotten to know him as a grown-up I can see he has grown up since high school. He's a great match for her.

16) Her hair is too long but she refuses to wear it "short" because some mean girls called her a boy when she was in middle school and it scarred her. She's got an incredible, long neck and would look fantastic with short hair.

17) She has finally chosen nursing as her career path. She currently works as a home health care aid, I don't remember the technical title, but she LOVES doing that and has fallen in love with nursing.

18) When she was a toddler, people thought she was my baby because we were so close and I always had her with me.

19) I miss giving her advice. She doesn't seek it often enough anymore.

20) She's turning 20 and I could write another 20 things about her.


Mrs. Chili said...

Happy Birthday!!

Tell her Mrs. Chili understands the hair thing. When I was little, my mother made me (MADE me) keep my hair pixie-short. I was very girly, and I cried EVERY TIME I had to get my hair cut. The reason she did it? She couldn't be bothered to help me take care of it. The MOMENT she gave up forcing me to keep it short, I grew it out and it's never been shorter than shoulder-length since.

The Gal Herself said...

What a terrific post! It really appeals to the auntie in me. What a coincidence that she is settling down with one of your former students! And I'm glad she loves her chosen profession. I suspect you have been a very good influence on her, Godmother Kwiz.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

That was touching. She is very lucky to have an aunt and godmother like you! All my best..

Your bud-