ten things tuesday...

Ten things I did today:

1) Met with the 30 AP students and gave them the summer assignment. I hope they took the meeting seriously and realize it's a huge challenge as well as an adventure.

2) Finalized the list of who is taking final exams. More this year than any other, hopefully we will review the policy and make some adjustments.

3) Finished the homework for book group. Wouldn't you know I ended up in the Superintendent's discussion group again.

4) Stopped off for coffee at the Dunkin' Donuts drive through. I love that they know it's me by my order. Or maybe it's my voice. Either way, they all greet me.

5) Got my re-certification packet approved! Now I've got to send it in and pay for the certificate.

6) Caught up with my assignment folders. I *think* I am caught up on my grading.

7) Sadly, I had to submit the names of the students who aren't passing for the year. It is always hard to have students not pass for the year.

8) Passed along a book to a friend.

9) Put together some music cds for some students. They were very appreciative.

10) And I found out that John Stamos is going to be on GLEE next year!!


The Gal Herself said...

In all, a very positive list (except for the kids who aren't passing).My favorite one was #4. That must be neat.

Does John Stamos sing? I know he plays drums.

Kwizgiver said...

He sings! He dances! But he's going to play a dentist (I think that's what the article said).