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So, it's the end of the school year. Trying to pull together all the loose ends. One loose end that's been niggling at me is getting ready for AP next year. The details--like, will I have text books for a summer assignment? What I know now is that I won't have text books to rely on for the summer assignment. So, what to do? I scrounged around and found alternative reading selections: a chapter from Howard Zinn's A People's History of The United States and two chapters from Samuel Eliot Morison's Christopher Columbus: Mariner (1942). Plus I have a map activity. And then there's the nonfiction book they have to read and write a critical review. It makes quite an intimidating packet. I am meeting with the classes on Tuesday morning to get them going. Hopefully, a few of them will decide that this isn't the class for them and they will change their schedules before the end of the school year--I mean there are merely days left. Plus, I've uploaded all the files to my school website. Hopefully I can keep up with that.


Me. Myself said...

Do you guys call this APUSH like they do 'round here?

I'm certain you are a better teacher of it than my son feels he had--they spent much of the year trying (and succeeding a depressing amount of the time) in stumping her with important trivia. One was which amendment dealt with Prohibition. Another was whether the VP has always been the same party as the President. {eyeroll}

I hate to see smart kids wasting their time!

Kwizgiver said...

I know the answers to their questions!!!!!!! :-)

I'm in a unique situation that we are splitting the AP class into two years--so I'll be teaching them test taking skills and content covering exploration through Reconstruction. They'll have an exam after the first year but take THE exam after the second year.

Me. Myself said...

Wow-sounds like a great idea. We're still waiting for the results of Sparky's AP test...not to mention his grade in the class.

(And I had no doubt whatsoever that you know the material you teach!)