we have a winner!

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But it was close--oh, so close! Thanks to all who played. It's amazing that my ramblings have created a network of friends! The winner is ZPutty because of the bonus round!

1) What European country is Kwizgiver's all-time favorite? (bonus points if you know why) Everybody got this correct: Ireland because of a semester abroad

2) How many tattoos does Kwizgiver have? Everybody got this correct: 2. Bud even said where they are.

3) What was the last class that Kwizgiver took? (bonus points if you know where) AP Training wins! It was in Vermont.

4) What is Kwizgiver's favorite song? One by U2 is the winner!

5) How does Kwizgiver waste time online, other than blogging? Everyone got this right: Farmville, Twitter, and email

6) Kwizgiver comes across $50 in found money. That's cash, with no strings attached. What will she do with it? (borrowed from The Gal) buying books--and I would have thrown in a pedicure, too.

7) If Kwizgiver was forced to eat one food forever, what would it be? Salad wins!

8) Kwizgiver took a road trip last September. What was the purpose of the trip? Everyone got this right. Kudos to Princess Ladybug for the excellent answer.

9) What is Kwizgiver's favorite holiday? Again, everybody got this correct!

10) Why is Kwizgiver called Kwizgiver? It is the name my students gave me my first year of teaching.

And the bonus round:

1) George Clooney is Kwizgiver's celebrity crush. Who is the next contender? John Cusack

2) What is unusual about how Kwizgiver bought her car? it was purchased online and delivered to the house

3) Who is Kwizgiver's dream employer? Oprah is the dream employer!

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The Gal Herself said...

I want to know HOW Bud knows the exact location of your tat's! Are you Jill Hennessey's competition?