ten things tuesday...

In random order, ten things I need or want:

1) I need sleep. Even though I slept all weekend, I'm in a bit of a funk and can't seem to catch up on sleep.

2) I'm trying to decide if I should buy a new desktop computer through the buy-through at school. That's how I bought my laptop and it was relatively painless.

3) A massage would be nice. My shoulders and neck are so tight.

4) I got two stipend checks today. A couple extra hundred dollars to play with.

5) The weather needs to break. Maybe we got spoiled by not having much of a winter and then having some wonderful pre-spring weather. And now it's just dreary and cold.

6) Chips and salsa. Salsa and chips. Salsa and a spoon.

7) The students at school are done. It's kind of early for them to be done, but they everything is a struggle. They're whining and lazy.

8) I need a new printer. My home printer is broken, the paper isn't feeding.

9) This is a week of meetings. Every day until Friday is booked.

10) I need a cuddle.


Lisa G said...

"salsa and a spoon" I hear you.

Diana_CT said...

"I got two stipend checks today", those are nice.

For the first time I got honorarium checks... who knew someone would actually pay to hear me speak. They were from UConn, Yale and Central CT State U.