ten things tuesday...

Ten random things:

1) Tomorrow is my first pedicure of the year. I can't wait for sandal weather.

2) I've got to dejunkify this place. Hoarding is a terrible thing and there are times I get a burst of inspiration/energy to declutter.

3) This afternoon I helped a colleague put together a website using Google Sites. Google Sites is v-e-r-y simple. But he's high maintenance.

4) I saw the list of "inspirational" songs that the Idol contestants got to choose from and it was pretty ghastly.

5) I love reading a book in a day. But I'm sad I finished it. The Spellman series is really fun.

6) Sometimes I think I spend too much time by myself.

7) There are only about 57 days until summer vacation begins. That's counting weekends and everything.

8) I've had some weird food cravings lately. Like whipped cream--who craves whipped cream??

9) I could mainline coffee. I don't know what's up with that but I can't get enough.

10) My bestie and I are going to breakfast tomorrow and we'll get to hang out some this week. I may even get some bonding time with her son because he didn't go to his dad's.


Lisa G said...

Mainlining coffee sounds like a perfectly acceptable thing to do, lol! Have a great day :)

jon said...


Sandal weather? They have that up in the arctic circle?

A book a day? I can do that with a comic book.

Who craves whipped cream? A Sadist?

coffee fan? Me too!!! I need 2 cups just to be able to move my lips and grumble something at my wife.