poetry month...

This is the first poem I ever memorized:

Grandpa Dropped His Glasses
(Leroy F. Jackson)

Grandpa dropped his glasses once
In a pot of dye,
And when he put them on again
He saw a purple sky.
Purple fires were rising up
From a purple hill,
Men were grinding purple cider
at a purple mill.
Purple Adeline was playing
With a purple doll;
Little purple dragon flies
Were crawling up the wall.
And at the supper-table
He got crazy as a loon
From eating purple apple dumplings
With a purple spoon.


Gracie said...

I love it!
Do you still memorize poetry? When I started thinking about it, I realized I don't do it - although I know most of the music lyrics from the 60s-80s. I think I'll try to discipline myself to do a little more memory work.
Happy Poetry Month!

Princess LadyBug said...

What a cute poem! And purple is my favorite colour. :D

Diana_CT said...

I love it!

I remember back in "my day" the rage was rose colored glasses, it had the same effect as purple glasses

D Savage said...
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D Savage said...

I remember sitting on my dad's knee and listening while he read all these great poems from the Childcraft Worldbook series. This one was my favorite. I remember the illustration of this one in particular. Man, I got lost in those poems!