mystery cat ...

Mystery Cat has been unofficially adopted by my downstairs neighbors. They're calling him "Lil Bit." He tried to come into my apartment this afternoon and he's wily. I may pet him and talk to him and let him rub against my legs but I'm not ready to have him in my house. Besides, I'm not crazy about his name. Baby steps, baby steps. It's definitely exposure therapy. I still don't like cats just because this one is a sweetie--it's still a cat.


The Gal Herself said...

Is that actually him? Does he truly have just one eye? If so, I am THRILLED that he has been officially adopted, as life is tough on strays to begin with. But to be a stray with one eye ... not good.

Cats hate closed doors. Mystery Cat may not want to go into your apartment. He just wants to be ABLE to go into your apartment.

I'm not trying to sell you on cats, though, because it's beneath a cat's dignity to be "sold." After all, Mystery Cat is descended from ancient gods.

jon said...

Mystery cat will win your heart.
note: Once a cat has been an outdoor cat it is difficult to make them an indoor cat. They will always yearn to be outside.
Wilson has been an indoor cat all his life. He is happy.
He does not want to go outside,