idol chatter...

So. It's Elvis night on Idol. One of the most fun nights. Glambert actually gave very good, solid advice to the contestants. Better advice than Miley Cyrus. I know, that doesn't take much but whatever, it's Elvis night. I really loved Crystal, Lee and Casey. Katie just doesn't do anything for me. I really didn't like her this week. And poor Aaron. Wow, he was out of his element this week, too. Mike was ok, his getttttttto had a bit too much "t" in it for my liking, but hey, it's Big Mike. Tim wasn't too annoying this week, the guitar was very nice but the singing was kind of nasal.

I might actually vote tonight.

I suspect it'll be Siobhan, Aaron, and Andrew in the bottom.


The Gal Herself said...

I'm putting Big Mike in the Bottom 3 again, in that I didn't think he was any better "In the Ghet-to" than he was with "Eleanor Rigby." He's just annoying and cloying when he sings "story songs." Elvis did so many great ballads (he introduced Willie Nelson's "You Were Always on My Mind," and "Memories" and "You Don't Know Me" and ...) But no, Mike had to go with the social drama he's over the top.

Isn't Lee great? I liked Katie, but I think that Elvis song is underexposed and I was happy to hear it.

Once again, Tim seems to get it that he's a teen dream, and he's taken his cues from two of history's most successful musical teen dreams, Paul McCartney and Elvis. I imagine myself as a 12 year old and know I'd be swooning -- and voting.

I'm so glad you take this as seriously as I do!

Mimi Lenox said...

Lee is my choice to win.
It will be hard to beat Chrystal but regardless, she's on her way to a career no matter what happens.
I agree that Katie is annoying.
I like the soft tones in Mike's voice much better than the big notes. He needs more depth and range.
But last night's "Ghetto" was moving.