ten things tuesday...

Ten things on my mind...

1) I was invited to introduce the faculty to Glogster. Now I've got to create some clever way of presenting. I thought maybe I'd make a glog.

2) There are times I am so patient at school, especially, but when I'm home and something little goes not according to my plan, I want to explode.

3) I'm really addicted to Farmville. There is a group of us who gather in my classroom before school to discuss and diss the app. We have in-depth conversations about this??!!

4) I love my hairdresser. She did my hair last week and I'm loving it.

5) Ricky Martin's gay. That's news? I Ilove me some Ricky Martin and his shaking bon-bon.

6) It's fun to introduce my students to music. I was playing Jason Mraz's "Geek In The Pink" today and they enjoyed it.

7) Lately, I feel like I'm working much harder than my students are. Something needs to shift. I shouldn't care so much more than they do, especially about their grades.

8) When I teach the Civil War, I learn new stuff.

9) Maybe I ate too many mini-peanut butter cups.

10) All day I've been craving coffee.

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Princess LadyBug said...

#5 - Ricky's bon bon is indeed quite yummy. #6 - Never head that song until I looked it up on YouTube. I like it and the video was funny. Thanks for sharing. :)