1. Last time you had butterflies in your stomach? driving to Fort Kent on Friday, I was scouting for moose

2. What was your last alcoholic beverage? barefoot white zin

3. Who can you trust? me

4. Where was your first kiss with your current significant other? I kissed the dog on the top of her head

5. Favorite Band? U2

6. What is something you've learned about yourself recently? I have a tremendous amount of patience

7. Do you like anyone? George

8. Do you know anyone who is engaged? yes, I do

9. What's your favorite number?

10. Who was the last person to make you cry? myself

11. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? not to a summer camp but I went to camp

12. When was the last time you cried? last week

13. What is one thing you miss about your past? loving working out

14. What is one thing you've learned about life? this too shall pass

15. Are you jealous of anyone? not so much

16. Is anyone jealous of you? doubtful

17. Has a friend ever used you? probably

18. Has anyone recently told you that they like you more than as a friend? nope

19. Who was the last person you drove with? Ron & Ken

20. What are you looking forward to? vacation

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