be bold

Swiped from Cat

Bold what is true

1. I have a tattoo.
2. I don't like the color red.
3. I love having my picture taken.
4. I love the X-files.
5. I have an online journal.
6. I like citrus fruits.
7. I watch That's So Raven .
8. I want to live in Florida.
9. People who have thousands of friends on Myspace probably don't have that many friends in real life.
10. I have never seen the show Friends .
11. I like watching infomercials.
12. I want to be/have been/am a Hooter s girl.
13. I have more than one tissue box in my room.
14. I like oatmeal.
15. I could always use some new clothes.
16. I'd rather be awake at night and sleep through the day.
17. I do my own laundry.
18. I don't have instant messaging.
19. I am using a laptop while taking this survey.
20. I hate feet.
21. I'd rather use a calculator for simple math than my head.
22. My name starts with the letter S.
23. I love ice cream.
24. I've done many things I regret.
25. I often quote movies.
26. I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
27. I play The Sims.
28. I've seen the movie Unbreakable.
29. I am friends with someone I hate.
30. I know all the words to the Fresh Prince theme song.
31. I still watch Disney movies.
32. I've been to a floor show for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
33. I own an iPhone.
34. I watch MTV.
35. I am a legend in my own mind.
36. John Mayer is sexy.
37. I type properly.
38. I am emo.
39. I love the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
40. I've read a Shakespearean play. [several]
41. I am cynical.
42. I love bolding surveys. [ok, I like them]
43. I bite my nails.
44. I've fallen asleep in class before.
45. There is a song stuck in my head right now.
46. I have never seen the movie Mean Girls.
47. I love the show Daria.
48. Green is my favorite color.
49. I am controlling.
50. I've been called a *beep* before. [bitch. yes]
51. I play an instrument.
52. I love to shop at Hollister/Abercrombie/American Eagle.
53. I've been to Africa.
54. I'm an insomniac. [in the summer only]
55. I prefer Coke over Pepsi.
56. I love chain letters.
57. I do not believe in love.
58. I like getting hugs.
59. I am an arrogant person.
60. I m masochistic.
61. I've been blocked on AIM before.
62. I have red hair.
63. I hate when someone stops liking a band because it s gone mainstream.
64. I like to curse a lot.
65. I've tasted blood before.
66. I do not live in America.
67. My parents think I m a virgin even though I m not.
68. I have more online friends than offline friends.
69. I know someone with the last name Johnson.
70. I have a TV in my room.
71. I wear contacts.
72. I call my friends hun.
73. People usually get the wrong impression of me.
74. I know someone who is a white supremacist.
75. I have skipped school.
76. I would become a Playboy bunny for $1,000,000.
77. I would try S&M.
78. I'm a push-over.
79. I hold grudges.
80. I like President Bush. [ok, this survey is that old, sorry]
81. I have strong opinions about life.
82. I love foreign films.
83. I watch South Park .
84. My cell phone is pink.
85. I am overweight.
86. I've been left speechless before.
87. I'm a procrastinator.
88. I own a Hanson CD.
89. I've played Truth or Dare.
90. I know all the words to We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel.
91. I have never seen any Lord of the Rings movies.
92. I have run away from home.
93. I've kissed a poster of my favorite celebrity. [it was over 30 years ago, though...I promise]
94. I own more than four pairs of jeans.
95. I have a pet snake.
96. I am afraid of sharks.
97. I am a vegetarian/vegan.
98. I listen to classical music.
99. Cats are better than dogs.
100. I like to stand in the rain.
101. I recycle.
102. I have dyed my hair.
103. I always make sure I don t leave without my cell phone.
104. I own Pokemon trading cards.
105. I straighten my hair a lot.
106. I still watch cartoons.
107. I am religious.
108. I can speak more than one language.
109. I've worked in food service before.
110. ...and hated it.
111. I've written a song.
112. I'm craving pizza right now.
113. I hate Christmas music.
114. I am a cheerleader.
115. I don't live in the United States.
116. I am pierced in more than three places.
117. I have braces. [had]
118. I have a digital camera.
119. I have been in a car crash.
120. I hate Wal-Mart.
121. I read tabloids.
122. I am home alone.
123. I am listening to music right now.
124. I know more than five Beatles songs.
125. My birthday is this month.
126. I was drunk last night.
127. I love rap music.
128. I have heard of Regina Spektor.
129. I have read The Odyssey.
130. I m glad this survey is over.

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