ten things tuesday...

Ten things about exam week:

1) A lot of students don't know how to take an exam. Their study skills are poor and they don't know how to break a question down.

2) Reading the whole question and eliminating false options is a skill a lot of students don't seem to have.

3) I got a lot of lesson plans done while watching them take the test.

4) No one smiles during exams.

5) I worked on my school website, too.

6) The change of schedule has thrown a lot of people into a tailspin--teachers and students.

7) I skipped tutoring this week. It's been kinda nice to have the extra time to work on grades.

8) I spent a lot of time reviewing and preparing my students for the exam. I would have expected them to put some time in on their own.

9) The exam takes a while to correct. Although, I'm glad we modified the extended response question so it is a bit faster to correct.

10) I've got to finish my quarter grades and comments, too. Hopefully I will be done before the weekend so I can just chillax.

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